ken newmanAbout Founder Ken Newman — Solving Puzzles & Informing with Humor

Ken Newman has been an actor his entire life, from his first professional job performing with a touring educational theatre company in the mid-1980’s.  He and his fellow actors took an irreverent, Saturday Night Live-style approach to introduce kids to social issues like environmental awareness, drug and alcohol abuse and teen sexuality. Their success was grounded in a very simple concept:  People learn more when they’re laughing.

In the mid 1980’s, Ken took the skills he’d learned from educational theatre and applied them to producing events for corporate audiences.  This work eventually led to the founding of Magnet Productions.

Ken discovered that regardless of the venue — whether it was delivering a message to kids or to tradeshow attendees — the challenge was always the same:  How could he take something not intrinsically entertaining and make it so?

Solving the puzzle of how to make people laugh about high technology, retail strategy, or any other corporate message, is now Ken’s favorite challenge.  And it’s why for over 20 years, he and his fellow presenters have been able to keep his client’s tradeshow booths filled with enthusiastic attendees.

And it’s why so many of Magnet’s clients have become repeat clients.

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About Magnet Productions —
Grabbing Attention & Filling Booths

Make sure your trade show checklist includes Magnet Productions!

Most tradeshow presentations sound like the same, tedious infomercial delivered over and over … and nothing makes tradeshow attendees tune out faster.

Magnet Productions tradeshow presentations are scrupulously researched, and carefully written, but they’re never canned. Our presenters will go off-script, engage the audience and do whatever is necessary to make sure they “get it.”  We’ll do that 12 times a day for the length of the tradeshow. And we’ll bring the same energy and humor to the last presentation as was there for the first.

We understand how to captivate crowds, how to speak to them in their language and convert them into booth-filling customers -- how to take disinterested trade show attendees, and turn them into qualified leads.

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